Greek cuisine

Greek cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine. Greek cookery makes wide use of vegetables, olive oil, grains, fish, wine (white and red), and meat (including pork, poultry, veal, lamb, rabbit and beef). Other important ingredients include olives, pasta (especially hilopites, a kind of pasta similar to tagliatelle), cheese, lemon juice, herbs, bread, and yogurt. The most commonly used grain … Continue readingGreek cuisine

Korean cuisine

Korean cuisine is largely based on rice, vegetables, and (at least in the South) meats. Traditional Korean meals are named for the number of side dishes (반찬; 飯饌; banchan) that accompany steam-cooked short-grain rice. Kimchi is served at nearly every meal. Commonly used ingredients include sesame oil, doenjang (fermented bean paste), soy sauce, salt, garlic, ginger, gochukaru (pepper flakes), gochujang (fermented red chili paste) … Continue readingKorean cuisine

Kueh Ubi Kayu (Steamed Tapioca/Cassava Cake)

Ingredients 1 kg grated tapioca 150 g sugar 100 ml coconut milk 370 ml water Banana leaves to line pan or oil pan 400 g grated coconut ½ tsp salt 6 pandan leaves Instructions Add 150g sugar to 1 kg grated tapioca Add 100 ml coconut milk and 370 ml water Mix all the ingredients thoroughly Place banana leaf … Continue readingKueh Ubi Kayu (Steamed Tapioca/Cassava Cake)

Pulut Panggang with Nyonya Chang Filling (Spiced Minced Meat Filling)

IngredientsPulut: 6 cups glutinous rice 6 cups water 1½ – 2 tsp salt 1 Tbsp oil 10 g ground white pepper to taste 50 dried blue pea flowers 100 ml water Filling: 2 Tbsp vegetable oil for frying 500 g diced big onions 4 Tbsp chopped garlic 700 g minced pork or chicken 12 dried shiitake mushrooms soaked in hot water 1 cup chopped parsley 1 cup chopped spring onions 60 g candied winter melon diced … Continue readingPulut Panggang with Nyonya Chang Filling (Spiced Minced Meat Filling)

Getuk Ubi with Banana (Getukgal)

IngredientsGula Melaka Coconut Layer: 1 teaspoon tapioca flour mixed with 25 ml water 90 g gula melaka palm sugar, chopped ¼ teaspoon salt 25 ml water 5 pandan leaves 250 g coconut freshly grated Tapioca Layer 650 g tapioca 1 kg before removing peel ¼ teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon sugar 50 ml santan coconut milk Banana Layer 6 medium sized bananas InstructionsGula Melaka Coconut Layer: Add water to tapioca flour … Continue readingGetuk Ubi with Banana (Getukgal)